Workshop Information System

We repeat the word ‘Manufacturer’ over and over but accurate information is possibly the most important aspect to carrying out quality work. Specifications change and this can sometimes take weeks to filter down to aftermarket info systems or websites and some don’t update at all.
A factory connected system gives us access to the repair info we used in the dealer workshop along with technical service bulletins and recall notices.

As technology and engineering has advanced, modern vehicles have become much more unforgiving when it comes to repairs. For example modern engines have very few gaskets, machined faces are now sealed with different compounds and depending on what part of the engine and the conditions the part is subjected to will depend on what it is sealed with. Bathroom sealant isn’t used by Volkswagen but the amount of leaking engines we see caked in the stuff isn’t funny, it also falls off inside the engine blocking the oil pump. Following factory repair instructions and using the specified parts avoids this. The same applies to bolts that were torqued and stretched at the factory designed to shear in a crash, they need renewing. An awkward component needs removing, the workshop manual tells you the quickest way.

Workshop instructions also change over time, the dealer identifies common issues that are passed on to technical, they then release TSB’s (Technical Service Bulletins). A fault code or running issue could just be a software fault requiring an update using ODIS. If you don’t have this info available it usually results in replacing parts unnecessarily or hours of wasted diagnostic time and wiring checks.

All our staff follow a diagnostic path used at training centres to avoid baseless repairs and provide a first time fix.

When it comes to quality we do recommend OEM parts as cars get older or just to save on costs. Lots of parts can be sourced from the original manufacturer such as Bosch, LuK, Sachs, Pagid, Brembo. We don’t use cheap brands as failure is common as is poor fitment.