Manufacturer Specification Servicing.

As an independent specialist we are constantly keeping up to date with changes to service checks and fluid specifications. As vehicle technology gains complexity it becomes more important than ever for technicians to use the most current technical data. As an example, Audi’s SSP on the latest TSI engines states spark plugs must be torqued when fitting due to the direction the plug electrode faces in the combustion chamber. This is due to the enhanced miller combustion process and will affect the running of the engine. This brand knowledge applies to the fluid types and occasional changes when the manufacturer recognizes an issue, also replacement intervals, additional checks and outstanding recalls. Digital service schedules have also been used for a number of years now which we complete and provide a paper copy if required.

Several of the smaller petrol engines are now fitted with a maintenance free timing belt / cambelt. This is stated in Volkswagen and Audi’s Self study programs for the engines and in the digital service schedule giving figures for unlimited mileage or year 2040. We would still recommend replacing the timing belt after 5 years but it is not mandatory on some engines.

Although we work to manufacturer specifications we don’t fully agree with current service schedules. This is just my opinion with no evidence as to why but over the last few years, Air filters, Diesel fuel filters and Pollen filters have had their mileage/time intervals increased. These have been pushed up to 40,000/60,000 miles where they used to be 20,000/40,000 miles.

We are seeing vehicles close to 60,000 miles that have never had a real ‘Full’ service which used to happen at 40,000. This is resulting in blocked air filters, collapsed/clogged fuel filters and blocked pollen filters causing the cabin heater fan to fail.
We see a lot of vehicles finish a service plan from new that manage to avoid the mileage for a real ‘full’ service and the digital schedule shows minor services, sometimes with a pollen filter.

Does this avoid major servicing costs while you’re in a service plan or just reduce the apparent ‘cost of ownership’ over X years? We’re just noticing a lack of maintenance on fairly new cars and all we can do is advise based on what we’re seeing.

So, if you’re thinking of using an independent, be assured we have spent plenty of time putting systems in place to ensure your warranty won’t be affected and if you’re out of dealer warranty we’ll advise on service items.

Air filter removed today from a 2017 Audi S5 3.0L
TFSI at 39,000 Miles with a 60,000 mile change
interval stated on Audi DSS.