Over recent year we have seen frequent price increases of genuine parts with a decrease in margins to the trade. We have always recommended genuine parts and try to keep our prices low but recently we are having to retail.

OEM is a quality option which stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. The manufacturer doesn’t make parts, companies such as LuK and Sachs supply clutches and flywheels, UFI and MANN supply filters, Valeo and Bosch – wiper motors and Alternators, Cambelts, tensioners and roller bearings are Continental/Gates/INA. Many more make all the components that make up the vehicle and all of these brands are available at much lower cost directly rather than buying repackaged VW/Audi branded parts.

We have previously priced OEM parts against genuine and found there wasn’t enough of a saving to the customer to move away from genuine but this is no longer the case.
We’ve always fitted OEM clutches and flywheels due to hundreds of pounds difference in price and haven’t had a customer select genuine over OEM. The manufacturer of the part is the same and so are the warranty terms so it’s an easy choice to make.

Savings are around £50 on a major service on a 2017 Golf R at the time of writing.

If your vehicle is still within manufacturers warranty, our recommendation is genuine parts as the dealer is very specific about quality standards in the event of a warranty claim and block exemption laws are complicated with respect to OEM fitment. Block Exemption Law