EA211 Petrol Engine Cambelt 1.0-1.2-1.4

We’ve recently had to check Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda self study programs and digital service schedules due to the amount of cambelt quotes requested on the group’s small petrol engines. It seems owners with vehicles that are four years old are receiving reminders the cambelt is due for replacement. Lots of these engines are now fitted with a maintenance free belt according to Volkswagen’s technical information e.g. Self study program SSP511. When checking the digital service schedule, cambelt replacement is either missing from the list of maintenance items or has a date of 2048 and 160,000 miles.

SSP511 States the following engine codes have a maintenance free toothed belt.

CHYA CPGA CHYB 1.0L Engines / CJZB CJZA 1.2L Engines /

The factory information we use for servicing on ElsaPro includes technical service bulletins and the latest changes to service schedules so we always follow what is published from the manufacturer.

These engines are still a relatively new generation and mileages covered by smaller cars such as the Up, Mii, A1 and Citigo tend to be much lower so we don’t see many at high mileages yet. If the belt interval is stated by the manufacturer as maintenance free with a 16000 mile/2048 change interval it is really down to the owner to decide on replacement for peace of mind. If a reminder has been issued by the dealer it’s worth asking what information the four year interval is based on as these are the first engines we’re seeing where the manufacturer has given such long change intervals.